Renewable Energy Innovation

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In this post I'm documenting my process for designing enclosures for some of my projects. This is the design process I use to produce bespoke enclosures with cut-outs, using the laser cutter at Nottingham hackspace and 3mm plywood.

In this example I'm designing the enclosure for a power monitor with a large 7-segment LED display. This is a relatively complex design, but this will show my design choices.

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In response to the problem of having a number of different jobs, I needed to keep track of the hours worked for the different companies. I also wanted to create invoices to send to those companies. I couldn't find what I was wanted and certainly not without paying some money so I decided to write a macro in Excel to perform this function.

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The Great Washing-Up Experiment


Matt Little, Matt Whitney, Matt Wright, Aran Eales, Rowena Golby et al.


This paper presents an analysis of the energy and water requirements of an electrical dishwasher in Nottingham to that of hand-washing the same load.

The experiment was carried out on January 5th 2010 under strict laboratory test conditions within a clean room environment.

This paper concludes that, in this particular case, it is more energy and resource efficient to wash dishes by hand.

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Using scrap and bits from broken things I have built a number of gadgets. Not all of them have a purpose apart from hopefully demonstrating forms of renewable energy and providing something to look at. This is a collection of photos and notes and ideas on things to build and what they could be built from.