Renewable Energy Innovation

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These pages contain various information sheets and applications relating to renewable energy system design. This includes good electrical system design and installation and renewable energy resource assessment.

The information sheets have arisen from the varied projects that re-innovation has worked on, both within the UK and within developing countries. They are designed to be informative, easy-to-understand and show the practical aspects.

  • Pedal Power

    Information here relates to pedal generators - including mechanical and electrical aspects.

  • Wind

    Information on wind energy conversion systems.

  • Solar Photovoltiacs

    Information on solar photovoltaic systems, including practical design.

  • Electronics

    Information on electronics and electrical systems, including practical design.

  • Solar Thermal

    Information on solar thermal systems and components.

  • Info Sheets

    This area contains a number of information worksheets that we have worked on. These have been developed in response to projects and courses that we have run. They are all open-source (with attribution) so please share them. If they are useful to your project then please consider making donation for their use.

  • International Development

    Here are a number of documents which were produced as part of my work at SIBAT, a Filipino NGO working in remote rural development. This placement was funded through Engineers Without Borders UK. This work covered project management, resource assessment, practical electrical and mechanical design. It has been written specifically for the Philippines, but most of the information is applicable to other areas. I hope to sort this information and make some more general documents when I have some spare time.

  • Random

    Interesting information and articles, which cannot be filed under the above catagories....