Renewable Energy Innovation

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Mini Amplifier Kit
This is a simple, low-cost amplifier kit based upon the LM386 amplifier IC. It has a maximum output power of 1W, which is good enough for amplifying... Read More...
DIY solar PV kit
This kit contains all the parts you need to start your off-grid journey. It is a DIY micro solar PV (photovoltaic) system, which includes a 10Wp... Read More...
RGB LED Arduino Shield
This kit is an Arduino shield to control a Red/Green/Blue LED board. Use it to help add colour to your projects.It contains an IC which controls the... Read More...
USB reprogramming lead
Lots of the kits sold here require a programming cable to program the ATMEGA328 micrcontroller. These kits use a bare microcontroller and do not... Read More...
7 Segment LED Board
This is a serially-interfaced 7 segment LED kit which can be linked together to create numerical displays. The LED display is a large 45mm/1.75" unit... Read More...

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re_innov @matthewvenn keen eyes! Your large seven segment displays were on hand when we did the photos and are now in a pedal energy display
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