Renewable Energy Innovation

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7 Segment LED Board
This is a serially-interfaced 7 segment LED kit which can be linked together to create numerical displays. The LED display is a large 45mm/1.75" unit... Read More...
6 Digit LED Display
This is an all-in-one six digit 7-segment led display unit with an ATmega328 programmed with the Arduino bootloader. The displays can be used to... Read More...
This TV-B-Gone kit is a 'disruptive technology device' designed to switch off annoying and unnecessary televisions. The TV-B-Gone was conceived... Read More...
Modular Pedal Power Displays
We have created a range of modular power monitors, regulators and displays. The basic modular unit has been designed for pedal generators within the... Read More...
RGB LED Arduino Shield
This kit is an Arduino shield to control a Red/Green/Blue LED board. Use it to help add colour to your projects.It contains an IC which controls the... Read More...

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re_innov @matthewvenn @maltman23 Cool - although mine does not have hack-a-day logo... But in the post to you now.
re_innov I'm cycling @NightriderLdn for @PracticalAction. Sponsorship welcome:
re_innov @matthewvenn keen eyes! Your large seven segment displays were on hand when we did the photos and are now in a pedal energy display
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