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USB reprogramming lead
Lots of the kits sold here require a programming cable to program the ATMEGA328 micrcontroller. These kits use a bare microcontroller and do not... Read More...
6 Digit LED Display
This is an all-in-one six digit 7-segment led display unit with an ATmega328 programmed with the Arduino bootloader. The displays can be used to... Read More...
Serial LCD Display
This LCD display unit displays any data sent to it via a serial connection. It is based upon the ATmega328 and the Arduino Uno bootloader. This unit... Read More...
Thermocouple Amplifier
This is a K-type thermocouple amplifier which can be used to amplify the tiny voltage from a thermocouple to a higher voltage, readable by a... Read More...
Bat Detector
Welcome to fascinating world of bats! This bat detector device converts ultrasonic sounds created by bats and convert them down to a lower frequency... Read More...

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re_innov My getting started with KiCAD tutorials. watch them here:
re_innov Learn about Power and Energy monitoring for pedal generators at this workshop I'm helping run #pedalpower
re_innov @markphelan @emfcamp @phenoptix If Ben has any then he can supply. If not then I'll bring some along...
re_innov Pedal power a cup of tea?
re_innov @markphelan @andrewdlindsay @Justin_Woods cool - looking forward to it. I'll have pedal power (just in case the grid fails)